What We Have

Blend Your Own Flavored Popcorn Tins

Everyone has different tastes – some people like spicy popcorn, others like it sweet (like our famous homemade caramel corn) and chocolate lovers are crazy about our chocolate covered popcorns.

No matter which popcorn flavor you like best, you can select from our 80 gourmet popcorn flavors and create a custom popcorn combination tin that will make your taste buds come alive. Perfect for people that have different favorite flavors, we offer custom flavored popcorn tins so you can select one, two or three different flavors in each tin.

Not only is our flavored popcorn special, but the creative and beautiful tins we carry are almost gifts by themselves!

Create your own Custom Popcorn and Candy Gift Box

Now you can choose your favorite popcorn flavors and combine them with your favorite candy in a fun or elegant gift box. Our popcorn and candy gift boxes are perfect for when you’re craving popcorn AND candy (a perfect combination, in our opinion.)

In addition to our 80 flavors of popcorn, we also have a wide selection of retro candy, including Moon Pies, Wax Lips, Black Jack Taffy, Atomic Fireballs, candy cigarettes and more.

Select your favorite combination of popcorn and candy and give yourself (or someone you care about) an unbelievable sweet treat. Whether your gift box is for a new baby, holidays, birthday, party – or even a movie–night themed box so you can stay home, watch a good movie and eat great popcorn and movie theater candy, we have a variety of gift boxes available to choose from — and the goodies to put in them!

Authentic Homemade Fudge
Made with real butter and cream!

In a time of mass production, it’s refreshing to know that there are still some companies that make their fudge from scratch. Our fudge is always made with real butter and cream for the most decadent, authentic fudge experience you can imagine.

Our fudge is truly mouthwatering and makes a delicious treat. Not only is our homemade fudge made from scratch, we also offer an incredible variety of fudge for you to choose from: chocolate, chocolate walnut, Snickers®, Turtle, Dulce de Leche, Heath® English Toffee, red velvet, cookies & cream, peanut butter explosion, Butterfinger®, salted nutroll, sugar free — and even pumpkin pie during the holiday season.

Shipping available during the the fall and winter months.