How We Fuse It

The Making of Great Gourmet Flavored Popcorn – How We Fuse It

Making the best gourmet popcorn doesn’t come easy. Every batch of Corn Fusion cheese, caramel, chocolate or candied flavored popcorn is made from scratch – with the best ingredients and a hometown touch. We (owners, Jim and Linda Fottral and Duane and Kathy Glime) carefully hand select quality ingredients that go into all of our flavored popcorn and homemade fudge.Corn Fusion truly is a family-owned
business – with 10 out of the 12 employees being immediate family members. Jim is the “baker” of the family. His love of cooking and baking began at an early age when he would help his grandma cook and bake in her kitchen. He also has extensive professional restaurant experience and was a cook while in the Air Force.

With our love of the food industry and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we (Jim and his sister Kathy) looked into starting our own flavored popcorn making business. Finding the right popcorn recipes, popcorn popping and cooking techniques proved to be challenging.

When it comes to popping popcorn, it may sound simple, but as we (Jim and Kathy) learned, there’s a right way and a wrong way to make flavored gourmet popcorn. (Did you know that if you don’t have your popcorn making equipment at the right temperature, the coating on your candied popcorn will quickly crystalize and turn back into sugar? Or that when popping popcorn you should use coconut oil because it’s better tasting, holds the proper temperature and doesn’t break down like other oils?)Together we did a lot of research online about proper popcorn-making techniques until we finally found the perfect popcorn recipes and equipment. Under the guidance of an expert popcorn maker with more than 40 years’ experience, we (Jim and Kathy) learned everything we could about making the ultimate flavored popcorn and fudge.

We don’t skimp on quality or ingredients:

  • All popcorn and fudge is made from scratch at our Corn Fusion store in Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Coconut oil is used when popping the majority of our popcorn – which is better tasting, holds the proper temperature better and doesn’t break down like other oils can
  • Kettle corn popcorn is popped with high-quality corn oil giving it the ultimate kettle corn taste
  • Quality Iowa-grown popcorn is used for every batch of popcorn
  • We at Corn Fusion use only quality, real cheese on our popcorn (while many competitors use powdered cheeses.) For every batch, real cheese is melted and hand poured over the popcorn to create rich flavored cheese popcorn
  • High-quality chocolate is melted and used on all chocolate flavored popcorn
  • Planters® Peanuts, baker’s grade pecans, real butter and cream are used when making our famous homemade fudge

It’s really Corn Fusion’s methodology and perfectionism that allows us to create amazing gourmet popcorn:

“We have the right formula for making amazing gourmet flavored popcorn. Every batch is handmade to ensure the highest quality – and unlike many popcorn companies, we don’t skimp.”

If you’re looking for a treat for yourself – or for someone you care about – Corn Fusion’s popcorn and fudge make the perfect gift.